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Helen, at Sutton Hoo

There is very little here other than a certain late-1990s aesthetic. If you want, you can look at a small amount of information about me, or at my stuff on various other bits of the Internet: my photos on Flickr, my twitter profile, my Google+ profile, my Facebook profile or my LinkedIn profile.

Bits and pieces hosted here are few in number:

Fragments of the Internet that I like enough to recommend include:

  • mySociety, who build the online infrastructure of UK democracy
  • The Raspberry Pi Foundation, who make cheap computers that are almost small enough to fit inside an Altoids tin, with the aim of getting kids into programming. They have also persuaded me to work for them during the ten-ish hours out of every 24 for which my one-year-old is asleep, from which you can infer that they are either very nice, very cunning, or both.
  • talks.cam, an excellent way to not miss good talks in Cambridge
  • Your friendly neighbourhood boating community
  • A really good answer
  • blogshank, a brilliant illustrated blog, or rather illustrations blog, by a former Cambridge boater

Helen Lynn    February 2013